I have a 97 ford ranger with a 4. Getting only 6. Replaced relay but I was told to check for bad fuse. There is no listing in owners or repair books. Does anyone know where this lost fuse might be found?

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I will also use any other tips that anyone might have to offer. Make sure the place you using for the ground of your meter test lead is a proper ground test point. Fuses are either open or closed,I suppose corrosion at the fuse could cause a partial voltage drop but I suspect a connection or ground is where you are loosing voltage.

You are getting voltage, so, the fuse is ok.

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The inertial fuel shutoff switch is between the relay and the fuel pump. Click on fig. Suppose to be 12 volts. I guess I must have been real tired when bringing up the bad fuse. It has to be open or closed. Thanks for the reminder.

2003 Ford Expedition, No Run, No Fuel Pump Operation, Code P0231

Reading 6. Checked the fuel shut off switch to make sure it was not tripped. It was ok. Ran another ground wire from the inertial switch,at fuel tankto ground. Still only 6. What next??? Whats the voltage at the inertia switch?

Fuse box diagram Ford Expedition 2

The only items in this circuit are the fuse, the relay, the inertia switch, and the pump. This is one of those jobs where you just have to start at the pump and work backwards up the circuit until you find where the balance of the voltage is being dropped. The two second 12Volt hit is just to prime the pump. Mikeyou just replied to an 11 year old thread. And JR posted in Oct. What voltage does your manual tell you to expect to see at the point you are testing.

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Are you observing the proper ignition key position when making yor measurement. Follow upstream on the circut and determine where you do have the proper voltage. It would appear that somewhere between the fuse and the fuel pump is a poor connection. Theres probably a ground screw at the bottom of the dash that you can use.

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Thanks for all the help. Turns out it was the computer.For the Ford Expedition Second generation,model year. To remove the trim panel for access to the fuse box, pull the panel toward you and swing it out away from the side and remove it. To reinstall it, line up the tabs with the grooves on the panel, then push it shut. To remove the fuse box cover, place a finger behind the PULL tab and your thumb above the PULL tab as shown in the illustration, then pull the cover off.

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How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Ford Expedition

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2003 ford expedition fuel pump fuse full version

The pictures are also helpful in making repairs. It shows whether the installation has been appropriately designed and implemented while confirming the safety regulators.

2003 Ford Expedition Fuse Diagram

A usually gives information about the relative position and arrangement of devices and terminals on the devices, to help in building or servicing the device. This is unlike a schematic diagram, where the arrangement of the components interconnections on the diagram usually does not correspond to the components physical locations in the finished device.

2003 ford expedition fuel pump fuse full version

A pictorial would show more detail of the physical appearance, whereas a wiring diagram uses a more symbolic notation to emphasize interconnections over physical appearance. They only provide general information and cannot be used to repair or examine a circuit.

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The functions of different equipment used within the circuit get presented with the help of a schematic diagram whose symbols generally include vertical and horizontal lines. However, these lines are known to show the flow of the system rather than its wires. A represents the original and physical layout of electrical interconnections. Wiring on the picture with different symbols shows the exact location of equipment in the whole circuit.

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Fuses and relays box diagram Ford Expedition 2Fuses box diagram. Related Ford Expedition Fuse Diagram.This Ford Expedition came in with a no run condition. A quick check found no fuel pressure and a code P low voltage on fuel pump monitor circuit. I decided to go to the interior fuse box, where my wiring diagrams, stated the fuel pump relay and fuse are located.

There are a couple of covers that have to be removed. Since my wiring diagrams stated the relay was located in the fuse box, but did not give a specific position, I looked in the owners manual for more info. No luck there. I did some reading and found that there are five internal, non serviceable relays inside the fuse block. I placed a jumper wire into the cavity to backprobe the circuit, no volts. Since my backprobe wire is part of a fused jumper wire, I connected battery voltage to the circuit and started the vehicle.

This told me that the fuel pump, inertia switch and related wiring were all okay. I checked fuse 34 with the key on and it had power and was good so that eliminated a faulty pcm relay and related wiring. It is in the lower right hand corner of the twelve cavity connector just below the connector that I am backprobing in the picture above. When the ignition is turned on the reading was near zero volts and after a few seconds it went to battery voltage.

This told me that the pcm was using a ground to energize the fuel pump relay coil. With all of this testing I knew without a doubt that the fuel pump relay that is part of the interior fuse box was faulty. Disconnect the battery first before removing the fuse block.

There is a battery feed cable that also has to be disconnected on the rear edge of the fuse box. It is located under a cover. I have pictures of that at the end of this post. I unplugged all of the wiring. There are connectors on the top where testing was done and on the edge.The fuel pump in a Ford Expedition moves the gasoline from the tank, up through the fuel lines, through the fuel filter and on to the fuel rail where it reaches the fuel injectors. Without the pump, which is the heart of the fuel system, everything else in the system cannot function.

If your Expedition suffers a fuel pump failure, you can replace the pump yourself if you possess basic automotive repair skills and a few hours of free time. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable using the battery wrench. Push the cable end over so it cannot contact the battery terminal during the rest of the procedure. Roll the floor jack under the rear of the Expedition and center it under the gas tank.

Lift the jack head up until it touches the bottom of the tank. Unbolt the gas tank retaining straps using the socket set. Lower the tank several inches until you can reach your arm between the tank and the bottom of the Expedition.

Disconnect the fuel pump wiring and fuel lines from the fuel pump by hand. The pump is in the top-center of the gas tank. Disconnect the fuel filler neck from the tank also using the screwdriver. Lower the gas tank down using the floor jack, making sure to keep it level.

HOW TO Bypass A Relay Using One Wire!!!

Roll the tank out from under the Expedition and set it on the ground. Wrap the rag around the tip of the screwdriver, place the tip against the fuel pump retaining ring and tap the handle of the screwdriver with the rubber mallet until the retaining ring turns loose.

Lift the old fuel pump up and out of the gas tank. Lower the new pump down into the tank, making sure to position the fuel level float in such a way that it does not contact the side of the tank. Tighten the retaining ring in reverse of how you removed it.

Place the gas tank back onto the floor jack, roll it back under the Expedition and then raise it back into position. Reconnect the fuel pump wiring harness, fuel lines and fuel filler neck before raising the tank to the full height. Bolt the gas tank retaining straps back into position with the socket set. Roll the floor jack out from under the Expedition and then reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.You will receive a module that has been professionally remanufactured to eliminate the common fuel pump relay failure issue. Plug and play installation - No additional programming or coding to the vehicle is required! Core return is required to activate our 1 year warranty.

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2003 ford expedition fuel pump fuse full version

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